March 30, 2022

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It should come as no surprise that a luxury cruise around the sparkling blue seas and breathtaking landscapes of Indonesia go hand in hand with a vast range of exciting sports and activities. Here is a look at just some of the exciting options on offer from your charter yacht when cruising this stunning archipelago.

Diving in Dampier strait Raja Ampat

#01 - Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is at the top of the most popular sporting activities Indonesia has available. This waterborne country is home to some of the most legendary dive sites on the planet and is a standout location for avid enthusiasts of the hidden world under the sea. The sheer scale and diversity of Indonesia's underwater wonderland are unbeatable. The coral reefs surrounding the islands are packed with more species of marine life than any other destination. The majority of our list of luxury yachts features world-class dive operations. Qualified scuba instructors are on board to conduct dive courses, making it easy for guests who want to dive into the inviting, warm blue water to discover a fascinating new dimension beneath the sea.

Kayaking on the crystal clear water

#02 - Snorkelling & Kayaking

Another sports and activities is exploring the backwaters, inlets, and mangrove-fringed bays. This is a great way to get close to Indonesia's wonderful natural world. What better way to do this than to lazily paddle around these delicate environments aboard a kayak or paddleboard? Many yachts are equipped with modern, well-designed watercraft. These enable adventurous guests to set out on long-range expeditions around the complex blue lagoons or simply explore the stunning seascapes closer to the yacht.

Trekking at Raja Ampat

#03 - Trekking

Indonesia's boundless archipelago is home to some of the most diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes to be found anywhere. The Nusa Tenggara region is famous for its high, rocky-topped, undulating grasslands. Raja Ampat is known for its markedly different topside of jagged karst limestone islands and rugged peaks. There are many more diverse types of terrain in between as well. However, the standout feature is the country's magnificent volcanoes. Forming a significant part of what is known as "The Ring of Fire," Indonesia is home to hundreds of these fire-breathing mountains, many of them active. These provide thrilling targets for exciting and breathtaking expeditions to reach the top. The panoramas afforded from the summits over the mesmerising land and seascapes are astonishing.

Surf Trip at Raja Ampat

#04 - Surfing

Indonesia's oceanic reef breaks have gained a stellar reputation for being among some of the world's top surfing hot spots. The archipelago is bordered on both sides by the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Impressive, powerful deep-sea swells crash onto the reefs of both countrysides. Enthusiastic surfers are known to be an adventurous bunch, not afraid of pushing boundaries, and Indonesia has plenty of shorelines to explore to discover new breaks. These centres of surfing excellence are spread all around the country, many of them close to the traditional luxury yacht cruising grounds. Some are well known. Close to Sumatra, Bali, and Lombok, the Mentawai Islands have long been happy hunting grounds. More recently, other remote locations have been explored, such as Sumbawa and Sumba on the south side and Morotai and North Papua on the north.

Dolphin Watching at Komodo National Park

#05 - Wildlife Encounters

Indonesia's colourful and diverse marine species are easily matched by the unusual and often endemic creatures that roam this fabled island nation. Going hand in hand with her wild landscapes is a spectacular range of unique wildlife. Orangutang reserves on the islands of Kalimantan and Sumatra make it possible to interact with these remarkable creatures. The West Papuan destinations of Raja Ampat, Cenderawasih Bay, and Triton Bay are well-known hotspots for treks into their high forests to observe the daily mating displays of the magnificent and rare "Birds of Paradise". One of the most popular and somewhat scary Indonesian animal encounters is with the terrifying Dragons of Komodo. Coming face-to-face with a massive man-eating lizard is a profoundly humbling experience. Back in the ocean, the current-swept channels, open sea, and vast bays are patrolled by various whales and dolphins. Tailored whale watching trips are now becoming popular, and it's not unusual to come across groups of these impressive marine mammals when out on a cruise exploring the natural wonders of Indonesia.

Sunbathing - Liveaboard activity

#06 - Beaches & Barbecues

Out of the water, beyond the sparkling coral reefs, bright, shimmering strands of pure white sand create picture-perfect beaches. These peaceful havens are deserted for most of the time, making them superb locations for a lazy day of sunbathing before the setting sun turns them into ethereal arenas for cocktails and barbecues.

Watersport equipment on Yacht deck

Yacht Specific Activities

Many of the luxury yachts featured in our impressive catalogue carry a range of equipment and toys to enable their guests to enjoy more specific sports and activities.

#07 - Fishing

Top-quality fishing equipment is often available. The archipelago's open oceans and current-washed channels are rich with many of the most sought-after sports fish. Marlin, dog-tooth tunas, and giant trevallies are just a few of the denizens of the deep that will chase a lure. Saltwater fly-fishing can also be enjoyed over many of the dazzling sand flats.

#08 - Jetskis & Waterslides

Some charter yachts feature powerful jet skis and wave runners on board. These allow guests to effortlessly explore the countless waterways, inlets, bays, and reefs around the complicated coastlines.

Even kids are catered for on many yachts. All kinds of floats, snorkelling equipment, and even water slides are part of their inventory of toys to keep everyone amused and interested.

No matter what exciting sports and activities or entertainment floats your boat, there is something for everyone onboard a luxury cruise at any of wonderful Indonesia's incredible destinations.

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