January 28, 2022

The Luxury Yacht Fleet of Indonesia

Known in the country as Tanah Air Kita, which translates to Our Land and Sea, the vast waterborne country of Indonesia stretches over 2,800 nautical miles from west to east and comprises 17,000 islands and a great deal of ocean. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that sailing these great seas runs deep in this nation's blood.

The largest and longest archipelago on the planet is a terrestrial and marine wonderland, with astonishing surprises waiting around every corner. However, reliable sea-going watercraft are essential to navigate such an expansive watery empire. Fortunately, the local artisans have become expert boat builders over many years.

In recent years, luxury adventure travel has seen a big boom in Indonesia, especially in eastern regions such as Komodo and Raja Ampat, primarily due to the sheer magical quality of these and many other extraordinary destinations. Our handpicked luxury yacht fleets in Indonesia guarantee to deliver an experience comparable to that of a five-star hotel while at the same time providing outstanding and different outdoor panoramas every day that it is not possible to duplicate on land.

Tiare - Luxury Phinisi Liveaboard

Luxury Phinisi Liveaboards: The Wonder of Wood

The traditional Indonesian phinisi was born from Portuguese schooners, a wooden ship that could take advantage of the consistent trade winds that blow over the islands and seas.

Phinisi liveaboards are still built today for marine tourism. International entrepreneurs have teamed up with the local master boat builders of Sulawesi and Kalimantan to construct ever more elaborate wooden superyachts to satisfy the whims and wishes of well-heeled travellers from around the globe. In recent years the design of the traditional Indonesian phinisi has taken bold steps in another new and exciting direction. These yachts combine the ambience and excitement of luxury cruising in a bygone era, featuring elegant staterooms, salons, and expensive fittings and artworks. Indeed, the standards of cuisine and service have come along in leaps and bounds.

luxury yacht cruising

Luxury Sailing Liveaboards: Gone with the Wind

Sleek luxury motor-sailing yachts are now welcoming appearances within the Indonesian marinas.

If you crave to feel the wind in your hair and saltwater spray on your face, an adventure onboard one of Indonesia’s growing fleet of superb luxury sailing yachts is for you. During the day, enjoy the open air and sunbathe on her large trampoline on giant bean bags or under a shaded canopy. Effortlessly sliding across the surface of the deep blue sea with just the sound of creaking timbers and billowing sails is an unforgettable experience of the catamaran strengths with a motor yacht.

Aqua Blu Liveaboard

Luxury Expedition Liveaboards: The Feel of Steel

Long-range explorer yachts with technical advancements have been increasingly demanded and seen in Indonesian waters to explore these newly found islands in comfort and style

The archipelago features a magical mix of tropical landscapes, indigenous cultures, and astonishing seascapes to explore, with still more to discover. Over the last couple of decades, the eastern seas of Indonesia have given up many more secrets, and new adventure destinations are being added to the cruising charts all the time. These new far-flung regions are often way off the beaten track, and it takes a yacht with a little more speed and stabiliser to comfortably cruise these wild and remote areas.

Exploring on Land and Sea 

No matter which type of luxury yacht you choose, once you get to your chosen destination, you have to be able to get out and about to explore the wonders of the local area. Whether wood or steel, the higher-end yachts are armed with an impressive array of tenders, toys, and dive systems to enable guests to fully get the very best from a luxury charter.

With more fish and coral species than any other destination and a wide variety of dive types, Indonesia has become a magnet for scuba divers. The glittering reefs of the country are rightly considered to be among the very best in the world. To enable fans of the underwater world to experience the hidden marine wonders, many luxury yachts cruising the country feature state-of-the-art dive operations. Top-quality scuba equipment and mixed gas compressor systems, along with dedicated and experienced eagle-eyed guides, are the order of the day on many yachts.

Indonesia, a vast nation made up of thousands of islands, deep seas, and winding channels, includes some of the most exciting and scenic destinations on the planet. Straddling the equator and featuring more sea than land, there is no better way to get to know this remarkable country than to cruise her magnificent seas aboard some of the world's most opulent yachts.

What to expect when chartering a luxury liveaboard in Indonesia

  1. Safe & Reliable Tenders
    These are a must when out in the backwoods of the archipelago to allow ambitious adventurers to embark on expeditions to experience this exciting country up close. Motoring through enchanted waterways, visiting deserted tropical beaches, or even coming face-to-face with the man-eating lizards of Komodo or the wild and colourful tribes of West Papua can all be achieved in luxury, comfort and safety.
  2. Guest to Crew Ratios
    It may come as some surprise, but the vast majority of yachts cruising the seas in Indonesia often have twice as many crew as guests to look after your every need.
  3. Cabin Size & Multi Living Areas
    The latest yachts have been designed with 5-Star luxury in mind. From huge beautifully appointed cabins to elegant onboard restaurants.
  4. Latest Maritime Technology Features
    Safety at sea is of paramount importance. The modern Indonesian cruising fleet features international standards of navigational and safety equipment.
  5. Fixed Maintenance Schedules
    Under Indonesian law, all commercial luxury charter yachts have to go through and pass an annual out of the water maintenance and safety inspection.
  6. On-Board Leisure Facilities
    Spa and massage treatments are now commonplace on most high-end luxury vessels.
  7. Water Sport Activities
    Many luxury charter yachts now feature an array of exciting toys to keep their guests entertained, from state-of-the-art dive operations to powerful jet skis.
  8. Sun, Sea & Silver Service
    What better way to enjoy a luxury charter in the seas of Indonesia than to sit back and relax in the sun while enjoying a silver service of sumptuous cuisine that this new breed of chartered superyachts now provides.
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