October 24, 2022

A Month of Luxury Adventures in Indonesia

Join us for a luxurious month on a trip to Indonesia, with insider tips and hidden gems for an extraordinary adventure where pristine beaches and azure waves caressing powdery sands provide relaxation and rejuvenation. Beyond beauty and history, vibrant markets and traditional performances showcase the cultural richness, our heartfelt hospitality and the locals' enthusiasm in sharing their traditions seamlessly cultivate a hospitable ambience. 

Discover three of the seven key regions that make this country so unique. Begin your journey on the captivating island of Java, where ancient temples and bustling cities await your exploration. Then, venture to the breathtaking paradise of Raja Ampat, renowned for its stunning marine life and pristine waters. Finally, unwind on the world-famous island of Bali, where vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and lush landscapes create an unforgettable getaway. This comprehensive itinerary covers three to four weeks and enables complete immersion in the diverse beauty and distinct experiences spanning Java, Raja Ampat, and Bali.

Capella Ubud aerial photo

Capella Ubud Bali (3 nights)  

Upon landing at Bali's Ngurah Rai airport, a skilled driver will transfer you to Capella Ubud, recently acclaimed as the world's Best Hotel Brand by Travel + Leisure readers.  

Amidst Ubud's rainforest, Capella merges luxury and nature for an enchanting escape that rejuvenates and captivates. Luxurious tents redefine camping with lavish interiors cocooned in elegance, offering unrivalled views and tranquillity. Crafted details, opulent furnishings, and modern comforts redefine the ordinary in each tent. Embark on sunrise treks through the lush jungle, guided by dawn's soft glow, encountering hidden trails and wildlife. Culinary exploration through immersive cooking classes offers Balinese flavours and private candlelit dinners. Capella Ubud's spa, amidst the rainforest, rejuvenates with therapists embracing tranquillity. The resort advocates sustainability and conservation, implementing strategies to reduce negative ecological impact and aid local communities.  

Transitioning from eco-conscious luxury, we move to the heart of one of the world's most populous and culturally rich cities.

Langham Jakarta Room

Langham Jakarta (3 nights) 

At the centre of Jakarta, The Langham marked its debut on 9 September 2021 as the premier ultra-luxury hotel and lifestyle hub. With a refined ambience, exceptional service, and remarkable amenities, this esteemed establishment reshapes our perception of hospitality. 

The architect Smallwood Reynolds Stewart Stewart, who also designed The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place nearby, created an ultra-luxury hotel that flawlessly combines lavish opulence with whimsical allure, resulting in an enchanting hospitality masterpiece. Guests are welcomed by the iconic pink taxi and the exquisite "Haven" chandelier adorned with suspended butterflies. The space comes to life against the backdrop of white marble, thanks to quirky Langham brand elements like a giant pink teddy bear and a phone booth that infuse character. 

Ascending via an express elevator to arrive at the Sky Lobby on the 62nd floor, boasting Greek palatial aesthetics and an Art Deco style, enjoy sights of Indonesian artworks from John Martono and Hanafi.  

One of Amanjiwo pool

Amanjiwo Resort and Spa at Borobudur (5 nights) 

Next, fly or take the luxury private train to the sacred centre of Java, Yogyakarta, where you can marvel at ancient temples and explore vibrant markets. Amanjiwo is more than a resort; it is a sanctuary blending past essence with modern indulgences. From the first step, timeless beauty and exquisite service embrace you.  

Imagine a world where luxury transforms. Amanjiwo's suites are not mere accommodations but retreats harmonizing architectural marvels and nature's allure. Your suite greets you with an ambience of serenity. From hand-carved four-poster beds to expansive views, each suite offers comfort and beauty. The private garden completes this tranquil haven.  

Experience Amanjiwo Resort and Spa, overlooking UNESCO-listed Borobudur, an iconic marvel. The temple's unique mandala design symbolizes cosmic order in Buddhist culture. Marvel at rural views and delve into histories while staying here.   

Discover the cultural richness and luxury of Amanjiwo, then journey to Raja Ampat on a luxurious yacht.

Prana by Atzaro Luxury Yacht

Luxury Yacht to Raja Ampat (10 nights) 

Experience a unique journey to Raja Ampat aboard the Phinisi yacht, a wooden boat reflecting Indonesia's maritime heritage. Enjoy ten nights of luxurious living surrounded by azure waters and stunning landscapes. 

The Phinisi yacht harmoniously fuses classic wooden design with modern amenities, offering comfort alongside the ocean's allure. Relax on the deck while absorbing the cerulean waters. 

Each day aboard, the lavish liveaboard blends opulence with adventure. Engage in thoughtfully curated Raja Ampat experiences, from vibrant coral gardens to diverse marine life encounters. Discover tranquillity on the expansive sundeck, where sunbeds invite relaxation, the Jacuzzi tempts, and the sea breeze envelops you. 

Raja Ampat, celebrated as a marine haven, boasts an unparalleled array of marine species and pristine coral reefs. This Indonesian archipelago captivates snorkelers and divers with encounters including manta rays, turtles, and many colourful fish. Exploring its unique islands and breathtaking underwater ecosystems, you'll uncover the essence of unspoiled natural beauty. 

Enjoy exquisite culinary experiences aboard the yacht before concluding your journey with relaxation and reflection at the Four Seasons Resort in Jimbaran, Bali. 

Ocean view luxury villa at Four Season Jimbaran, Bali

Four Seasons in Jimbaran, Bali (5 nights) 

Return to Bali to unwind and think back on your enthralling tour.  

Indulge in Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay's captivating embrace, where luxury unveils unforgettable experiences. Along a serene bay, opulence and five-star service meld into a realm to explore. This haven's charm envelops you from the first step, making you feel like royalty in paradise.  

Imagine lavish villas, each a design masterpiece. One to four-bedroom options promise breathtaking sea views. Unwind on your sun terrace, sip by the poolside pergola, or refresh in the infinity pool – the Indian Ocean becomes a constant companion. Open-sided living spaces and indoor-outdoor dining keep the azure expanse in sight.  

Every moment is an adventure at Four Seasons Bali Jimbaran Bay. Private experiences create everlasting memories. After embracing the tranquil oasis of the private beach club, you will discover that Indonesia offers a plethora of luxurious escapades that can exceed a month's vacation. 

Raja Ampat aerial photo

Dream Holiday by Experts   

Indonesia offers a plethora of luxurious adventures that guarantee timeless memories. 

Whether savouring stunning landscapes, relishing spa treatments fit for royalty, or engaging with diverse cultures, there's an allure here for everyone. From intricately designing your ideal itinerary to providing personalized services, Discover Luxury Indonesia serves as your gateway to turning your aspirations of a month-long luxury tour in Indonesia into a tangible reality. 

Each expedition with Discover Luxury Indonesia is intricately customized to match your preferences. Explore our array of offerings now and ensure your once-in-a-lifetime journey to Indonesia. Contact Discover Luxury Indonesia and make your dream Indonesia luxury tour a reality.

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