May 11, 2022

Exclusive Experiences in Borobudur and Beyond

Nestled on the Indonesian island of Java, Borobudur and Yogyakarta form a captivating duo that attracts travellers worldwide. Two destinations offer a unique blend of ancient wonders, vibrant traditions, and warm hospitality, making them a must-visit for those seeking an enriching cultural experience.

Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the crown jewel of Buddhist architecture. This colossal monument, built in the 9th century, showcases exquisite stone carvings and intricate stupas that tell the story of Buddha's journey towards enlightenment. The awe-inspiring temple dates back to the 8th and 9th centuries. According to UNESCO, the Borobudur Temple is "one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world".

Borobudur lies a world of exclusive experiences waiting to be explored. From cultural immersions to breathtaking adventures, some unique encounters will elevate your journey in Borobudur and beyond.


Sunrise at Borobudur

Sunrise at Borobudur: A Spiritual Awakening

Witness the sunrise as the first light rays illuminate the mist and the distant volcanoes. Feel a profound sense of tranquillity and spiritual connection.

Javanese Village Immersion: A Cultural Delight

Immerse yourself in the nearby villages and spend a day living like a local, participating in traditional activities such as batik-making, gamelan music lessons, or learning the art of cooking authentic Javanese cuisine.

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple Night Show: A Spectacular Performance

Just a short distance from Borobudur lies the majestic Prambanan Temple, a grand Hindu complex built in the 9th century. In the evening, the temple comes alive with the Prambanan Ramayana Ballet, a mesmerizing cultural performance that brings ancient Javanese mythology to life.

Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi Volcano Trek: A Majestic Journey

For nature enthusiasts and adventurous souls, trek to the summit of Mount Merapi, an active volcano, through volcanic landscapes, passing through forests, lava fields, and breathtaking viewpoints.

These Borobudur experiences offer a chance to delve deeper into the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture, nature, and spirituality. Regarding luxury stays in Borobudur, a few exceptional options combine world-class amenities with stunning views and impeccable service. These accommodations offer a perfect blend of comfort, elegance, and proximity to the iconic Borobudur temple. Here are some of the top luxury hotels to consider for your stay in Borobudur.

Amanjiwo Aerial Photo

1. Amanjiwo:

Nestled in a serene valley surrounded by lush rice fields, Amanjiwo is inspired by the nearby Borobudur temple, where the entire resort was designed to mimic the shape, style, and layout of Borobudur providing guests with breathtaking views of this ancient wonder.

2. Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa:

Situated on a hill overlooking the Borobudur temple, Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa features spacious and beautifully appointed villas, some with private pools, offering a perfect blend of modern comforts and traditional Javanese aesthetics. Indulge in spa treatments, savour authentic Indonesian cuisine, and participate in cultural activities such as batik-making or conventional dance classes.

3. Le Temple Borobudur

For those seeking a truly unique and immersive experience in Borobudur, staying at a temple accommodation is an exceptional choice. These accommodations offer a rare opportunity to connect with the region's spiritual ambience and rich history.

Meanwhile, Yogyakarta, often called Jogja, is Java's cultural heart. This vibrant city is renowned for its traditional arts, including batik textiles, puppetry, and gamelan music. The lively atmosphere of Malioboro Street, a bustling hub of local markets, street food, and shops selling batik fabrics and handicrafts, radiates a unique charm. Where the remnants of the past come together harmoniously with modern living

No visit to Yogyakarta is complete without exploring the magnificent Kraton, the Sultan's Palace. Steeped in history, this grand palace complex provides a glimpse into the royal heritage of theregion. Marvel at the intricate architecture, stroll through the expansive courtyards andwitness traditional performances showcasing Javanese dance and music. The Kraton alsohouses a museum that exhibits the royal family's treasures and artefacts, offering insights intothe rich cultural tapestry of Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is also renowned for its culinary delights, offering a tantalizing array of flavours. Indulge in traditional Javanese cuisines, such as gudeg (young jackfruit stew), sate kathak (grilled skewered meat), and bakpia (sweet bean-filled pastries). The local street food scene is a must-explore, where you can savour dishes like nasi kucing (cat rice) and angkringan (street food stalls serving small bites). For coffee enthusiasts, try Yogyakarta's famous local brew, kopi joss, coffee mixed with hot charcoal for a unique smoky flavour.

Central Java Map

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or an avid explorer of diverse cultures, Borobudur and Yogyakarta have something to offer everyone. The blend of ancient wonders, cultural heritage, and natural beauty makes this destination a true gem in the heart of Java.

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