February 10, 2022

What is Luxury Travel Indonesia

Luxury travel is a much-overused term. Discover Luxury Indonesia denotes travelling with a great deal of comfort and quality, without any stress or hassle. Everyone can claim to deliver luxury experiences. Providing that same luxury travel consistency across 17,000 islands and a variety of local ground handling is not easy. We are not shy to own the definition of luxury travel within Indonesia.

Our handpicked portfolio offers unique experiences with superb service that fulfils luxury travellers' needs and wants. We work around the clock to elevate the travel experience with minimum turbulence and display lavish product amenities. We implement high procurement and operation to meet our high standards clients.

How do you define luxury travel within Indonesia?

Borobudur temple

#01 | Authentic cultural adventure

Indonesia never fails to tick off luxury travellers' bucket lists. Discover the ancient temples of Java before flying off and stepping into the white-sand beaches of Raja Ampat, meeting exotic wildlife-focused escapes of Komodo and upgrading your spiritual journeys in Bali all wrapped into your luxury adventure.

Our educational guides operate without the stress - meaning there is no pressure on time or a fixed routine. Note that simple comfort is often not enough when travelling in Indonesia. Delivering a seamless and personal service needs the right trained resources from one point to another.

Dinner on the beach

#02 | Inclusivity to experiences

Why travel and want to see only places? Swim, sail and explore Indonesia in style. Discover our stories from meeting an unusual underwater wildlife experience into your exclusive beach picnic that offers secluded and stunning lagoons. Each product in our portfolios should inspire a sense of wonder and awe while connecting with the destination. Let us include you in being a part of the experiences.

#03 | A deep level of sophisticated travel logistic knowledge

Booking should be simple. It is all about learning your likes and dislikes; let us, the professional, deal with the unnecessary noises, travel routes and logistic complexity in between. Luxury is not merely about the marble bathtub or the gold taps, and our clients appreciate our luxury "travel insiders" that are not accessible online.

Luxury Liveaboard - Alila Purnama

#04 | Avoid the Crowds

Privacy and avoiding crowds are new luxuries. Being the least visited country in South East Asia with only 11-13 million international tourists per year and yet five times the size of Thailand, which welcomes almost 30 millionĀ  incoming visitors, Indonesia is a heavenly luxury travel destination that guarantees ultimate privacy experiences.

Beachfront breakfast

#05 | A tasteful memorabilia

Besides the alluring natural attractions, Indonesia has been known for its spectacular culinary scene. With its enormous geographic and over 300 cultural diversity across the archipelagos, it is evident that Indonesian cuisine is rich in variety and taste. Indulge our local produce ice cream made with traditional recipes with no preservatives that will avoid you feeling thirsty! A journey through Indonesia is hereditary flavour inheritance from generation to generation.

Amanjiwo Main Pool

#06 | Mesmerising landscape

Once upon a time, a hotel room was just a room with a bed and a bathroom. Wake up to your choice of inspiring views, from majestic mountains to glorious temples. Countless idyllic landscapes across Indonesia make it ever-intriguing to explore. Where else can you sweep mountain views of jungles and distant villages that offer a multi-coloured lake, hot springs, and ancient Hindu temples?

The natural wonders in Indonesia

#07 | Sun and sea on silver

The natural wonders in Indonesia will take anyone's breath away. Among hundreds of blue lagoons, the country is high on the list of coveted places to visit in the world by luxury travellers. The crystal clear water makes it possible to observe the bottom just by glancing down from above or average swimming, with no need for snorkel or equipment of any kind. Imagine swimming with baby sharks at Wayag lagoon or observing the manta cleaning station.

Attentive services with a smile

#08 | Attentive services with a smile

Service is a vital element in luxury travel. Indonesians, in general, are happy people who are born to serve. We serve everyone with a smile on our faces and focus on your requests with attention to the details. Our personalized real people service - not online automation- starts long before you arrive. There is no request that is too small or too big.

Indonesia is a luxury destination in Asia. On top of the reason mentioned, here are key highlights to spark your journeys:

  • A country with over 100 endangered animals
  • The world's most giant flower lives in Indonesia
  • A land of over 700 different languages and dialects
  • The centre of the Pacific Ring of Fire
  • The only place on earth to observe the Komodo dragon in the wild
  • Home to the biggest Buddhist temple in the world
  • The highest number of UNESCO heritage in South East Asia

In short, luxury travel is all about you and the destination. We are here to help you redefine Luxury Indonesia without all the hassles.

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