April 27, 2022

Experience Luxury Multigenerational Trips That Are Fun for All

There is nothing more wonderful and exciting than a long-awaited family holiday. After years of staying home and staying isolated due to the pandemic, families are now, more than ever, looking to embark on an adventure and spend some much-deserved time away together.

From grandparents to grandchildren, a multigenerational getaway could be the perfect way to welcome travel back into your lives. This type of travel lets you tick multiple things off your list at one go: you get to spend time with those you love the most, make up for lost time together, create new memories, strengthen bonds and finally explore a destination that is been on your travel list for years!

But of course, planning a multigenerational vacation can be a little daunting, if not downright overwhelming, especially if you are travelling with babies and little children or elderly grandparents, restless teenagers, and/or adults who may or may not be hard to please.

The trick is to plan it all out in advance. Make sure you consider what everyone needs and wants out of the trip. Talk about destinations, lodging, and activities to make the vacation work for every family member. Planning your budget in advance can also help alleviate stress levels throughout your getaway.

Here are some simple but essential tips to help you plan a successful, multigenerational getaway with your family:

Kid playing on the beach

Plan Family-Friendly Excursions and Activities

A family holiday provides the rare opportunity for everyone to come together and participate in fun activities as one large family unit. Let our team from Discover Luxury Indonesia set up that perfect beach picnic whilst the younger children swim. Onboard a luxury boat for up to 30 people and take the whole family across the Bali islands. This is a great way to keep everyone engaged and occupied while having fun without mingling with other crowds. Take a look at our exclusive luxury day experience for a large group who seek private and avoid the crowds.

Depending on your family's travel style, you do not need to keep your days filled with back-to-back activities. It is perfectly OK to spend the day relaxing in your accommodation. While the adults may welcome this, remember the little ones may get restless, so let us help you pick that family-friendly accommodation that caters to everyone's needs.

Schedule Some Alone Or Quiet Time

Spending every minute with your loved ones may sound fantastic, but there are times when a little break might be a welcome respite. The trick is to keep your days balanced. Discover Luxury Indonesia can help arrange "group time" or smaller ones and simply allow everyone to balance their time together versus individual needs for time alone. It takes one logistics - let us do all the worrying and your family all the fun.

Spend all morning through lunch together. Then choose to schedule some quiet time before planning to meet again in the afternoon or at dinner. This way, you will avoid hurt feelings, and you can recharge and rejuvenate without worrying about what everyone else is doing.

Take the opportunity for some self-love and pampering. Schedule a massage, go on a solo nature walk, take a bubble bath or relax in your accommodation. Feel fresher than ever, and then you will be able to greet your loved ones with warmth and vigour at dinner!

Koral Restaurant at Ampurva Kempinski Bali

Dine At Family-Friendly Restaurants

One of the best things about a family multigenerational is that you dine together at least two to three times a day. While you may be dying to visit that fine-dining restaurant everyone's been raving about, remember that a family holiday means family-friendly meals and venues. Mid and large-group dining does take more planning. It often involves re-engineering a place to ensure that your family will enjoy enough meal variation without the boring venue.

Choosing a restaurant that caters to the multigeneration family can be tricky as it is full of tourist traps if not guided by an expert. Our selection of private rooms or sections with a view allows the little ones can be free to chat and play without disturbing the other patrons. The team at Discover Luxury Indonesia will then also review the menu, and it should be comprehensive and varied, with something for everyone. Aside from the little ones, the elderly grandparents may or may not have dietary restrictions. Supervise microscopically by our customer service, every little note and preference is taken seriously by the restaurant and its service team.

A fine-dining restaurant may sound like a must-do, but schedule it for alone time with your partner to enjoy it without any distractions.

Raja Mandaka Estate at NIHI Sumba

Our shortlisted Family-Friendly Accommodations

With such diverse age travellers, you will need accommodation to keep everyone together nearby but with enough space and privacy when required. A big deal-breaker is that we need to factor in rooms for the children, larger rooms for parents with babies and toddlers, and wheelchair-friendly or age-friendly and accessible spaces for the elderly grandparents.

We recommend picking accommodation with individual living spaces with a living and dining area, a movie room, a large garden for the little ones to run and play in, and, of course, a swimming pool to splash and swim in. Also, we make sure that the hotel or villa we offer has activities, amenities, dining, and entertainment at your fingertips, so you will not need to order from a third party when the need arises. Good, family-friendly accommodation should also include plenty of fun things to do, see and explore for all ages and personalities.

Please look at our list of luxurious family-friendly residences and villas here.

Ready to start planning your multigenerational family holiday? Contact Discover Luxury Indonesia today, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions and curate a particular bespoke luxury itinerary just for you.

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