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Escapade of Romantical East

Ubud & Labuan Bajo


Have you ever imagined a romantic escapade with your loved one to the exotic islands of Indonesia? If not, then allow us to introduce you to this escapade of the romantic east. On this trip, you and your beloved can experience the cool of Ubud to the freshness of the sea in Labuan Baju, which includes Komodo National Park, Pink Beach, and dive sites like no other.

7 Days 6 Nights

Trip Highlights


  • A short getaway in Ubud
  • Intimate cruise to Komodo
  • Infinite snorkeling
  • Diving with mantas and sea turtles
  • Experience Komodo dragons in person
  • Beach picnic

What’s Included


  • Accommodation in the heart of the Ubud rainforest
  • Private yacht for just the two of you
  • Daily breakfast and lunch
  • Romantic dinner
  • Spa treatments for couple
  • Snorkeling and diving equipment
  • Private guide

The Map



Begin your discovery


Arrival in Bali

Upon arrival at Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, you will be transferred directly to your accommodation to rest and leisure.


Free Time

On this free day, you can enjoy many activities around your accommodation such as fitness, yoga, a dance class, cycling, trekking or a spiritual cleansing ritual called 'melukat'.


Spa and Romantic Dinner

Enjoy the spa with your partner before having a romantic dinner at a selected restaurant.


Departure to Labuan Bajo

After breakfast, it is time to fly to Labuan Bajo via Bali Airport.


Transfer to the Yacht

Upon arrival at Komodo Airport, Labuan Bajo, the yacht crew will be ready to welcome and transfer you to your private charter yacht. The time required to transfer from the airport to the harbor is about 20 minutes.


Start Sailing to Sebayur Island

After all the preparations are done, the yacht will start the sail with its first stopover at Sebayur Island. For around two hours on the island, you and your beloved can enjoy lunch that has been prepared by the crew, complete with snacks and drinks.

Then, before the evening falls, you can experience snorkeling in the waters around Sebayur Island, which are still well-preserved and filled with fish and coral reefs.


Catching the Sunset on Rinca Island

The next destination is Rinca Island, which is approximately one hour away from Sebayur Island. During the cruise, you can relax with spa treatments on board. Enjoy these services until it is time to see the sunrise on Rinca Island.

In the evening, you and your partner can choose to enjoy dinner on the boat or Wai Nilu beach under the starry night sky.


Exploring Rinca Island

The next day is the time to explore the savannah on Rinca Island and meet the komodo dragons. This exploration will start from a small jetty on Rinca Island to the Komodo National Park office there. Then, with your guide, you'll move on to where the Komodo dragons are most likely to be seen.

As this trek can take up to two hours and the terrain is quite challenging, you should be physically fit before starting. However, along the way you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the top of the hill and see Megapode birds and flying lizards.


Pink Beach

From Rinca Island to Komodo Island, where Pink Beach is located, it takes at least 3 hours of sailing. Upon arrival at Pink Beach, lunch on the board has already been prepared for you. After that, you can spend time with your beloved by snorkeling or just sitting on the beach while enjoying the view of the blue sea combined with the pink sand.

By late afternoon, you can enjoy the spa while watching the sunset over the hills of Komodo Island. The evening concludes with a romantic dinner.


Toro Longkoi & Tatawa Besar

Today we have two places to visit, Toro Longkoi and Tatawa Besar. First, to reach Toro Longkoi, we will have to sail for 2 hours, which will start after breakfast.

In Toro Longkoi, there is a famous dive spot called Manta Alley, which is in the southwest of Komodo Island. By diving at this spot, you can feel the sensation of being surrounded by mantas. In addition, you can also enjoy the beauty of coral reefs that are home to various types of fish, ranging from Jack, Tuna, Napoleon, Barracuda, and many more.

Not yet satisfied diving with mantas at Toro Longkoi? The vessel will take you to Tatawa Besar for diving with the shy marine life, the sea turtles. At Tatawa Besar you could dive with giant sea turtles and black-tailed barracuda.

After that, it is time to rest your body with the various comforts that have been prepared by the crew on the beach. On the last night of the trip, a variety of fresh seafood and barbeque dishes can be enjoyed while gazing up at the beautiful starry sky.


Departure to Home

Early morning, after breakfast, the boat will immediately transfer you back to Labuan Bajo for your flight to home. A private transfer from the harbor to the airport has been arranged, ensuring you reach your flight to Bali as scheduled.

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7 Days 6 Nights



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