With its desert savannah landscape, azure seas and verdant bushes, Komodo is an island of contrasts. The islands turn from verdant green to rugged and dry during summer, contrasting against the blue of the seas. The sea around Komodo National Park is famous for its species-rich tropical underwater environments, with more than 1,000 species of fish and 260 types of coral.

A selection of cruise and fine hotel will enrich your experience in discovering the natural beauty of the islands. Ensuring your safety, your trips to the Komodo islands will always be accompanied by the skilled Ranger to get you close enough at the brink of the animal’s sight while keeping you safe in a measurable distance.

Far to the Sumatra, hidden with its lush jungle the Elephants are walking the bushes. What was once a camp for the hardworking animal now refurbished to aid the giant living mammals living peacefully in the deep of the forest.